Online Client Meetings: How To Keep Them Engaged When Video Conferencing

By Sep Barkhodaee, May 28, 2015
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Video conferencing provides a wide range of benefits that businesses use to increase efficiency. Key decisions can be made quickly, keeping operations running smoothly.

But staying engaged in such a connected world isn’t always easy. Video conferencing can allow for other distractions that make it hard to stay engaged.

The following steps will keep your clients engaged at your next video conference!


Prepare in Advance

A client meeting lets your business provide its value in meeting a unique need for another person or organization. This might involve a transaction or generating new business.

For every meeting, your first priority should be to prepare. This is a fundamental step often skipped by others. It should begin as early as possible. Gather the information you need to address the specific points being addressed in your client meeting and consider what questions might be asked, along with the best ways to answer them.

Your earlier communications with your client are opportunities to research in preparation for the meeting. Understanding their main points of interest will ensure greater engagement.


Track the Time

When you determine what you will cover in the meeting, you can then create a timetable to stay on track. This ensures that all of the clients needs are met without a large investment of time and money.

Use the timetable as a guide during your meeting. This will prevent you forgetting to answer a question or concern. You can include answers to each point on the timetable itself.

Most important of all, be respectful of your client’s time by being on time for your meeting. Arrive early to have an opportunity to review your notes and collect your thoughts.


After the Meeting

When you do reach the end of your time, summarize what was covered to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. The clients should also have an opportunity to offer more questions.

Remember to thank your clients for their time and show appreciation for their business. A client meeting is a great chance to connect on a deeper level with your clients. This leads to strong networks that can support your future business.

If possible, provide a summary in a follow-up email. This will continue the engagement and show your high level of service in meeting their needs.

Online client meetings help you move forward in your projects and services. Making sure that your clients stay engaged is essential to providing value and building your relationship for the future.

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