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More Companies Using Human Resources Technology

By Roz
Published on June 25, 2014

Managers cannot deny the impact technology has had on the workplace. From streamlining everyday processes to fostering easier communications between remote workers, these devices have radically altered the office landscape.

Human Resources departments are no stranger to technological adoptions. Recruitment and training are two operations where these technologies have had a significant impact, as managers have found ways to integrate software, devices and online assessments to further glean knowledge regarding job candidates. A recent survey conducted by Towers Watson found that a rising number of HR departments are using technology – and will continue to do so in the future.


Technology use on the rise in HR
Offices around the world continue to divert funds toward developing HR departments. According to the survey, 33 percent of executives plan to spend more money on HR technology in the upcoming year. Among this group, many executives indicated they would be increasing their investment in technology by 20 percent or more. Additionally, others indicated that they would be integrating new programs and initiatives in their HR departments over the next year, hoping to improve both quality and efficiency of their operations.


Human Resources Technology



Mike DiClaudio, the global leader of Towers Watson’s HR Service Delivery practice, explained that companies continue to see the benefits of adopting these technologies because they streamline daily operations.

“Companies are realizing the value that consumer-grade technology brings to HR and are willing to make smart investments that can grow and evolve with the business,” DiClaudio said in a press release. “It also appears that companies are splitting their investments between core HR systems such as talent management and payroll, and next-generation technology including HR data and analytics, and integrated talent management systems.”

The use of technology as a whole has increased among some of the nation’s top corporations, and there are a few trends that have stood out among the crowd.


Implementing tech in the office
Mobile is a buzz word this year in the business realm. Whether executives are optimizing their websites or making their online training software available on these devices, altering operations to better suit mobile platforms has been important for companies. Forbes reported that mobile capability will be essential for HR departments throughout the remainder of the year, especially as more job candidates and new hires interact with businesses on these digital devices.

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