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How to Stop Staff From Wasting Time

By Roz
Published on March 24, 2014

The reality is that companies cannot always maintain control over exactly how staff members use their time. There are a number of ways that employees may get off track, and as many of them are now bringing their own mobile devices to work, it’s easier than ever for them to access distracting social media sites and games. When workers are wasting time on non-job related activities, however, they are costing the company a considerable amount. Not only that, but these staff members are also hindering their own professional growth, as their performance may suffer, thus holding them back from advancement within the business.

Unsurprisingly, according to HR Morning, recent data from Biz 3.0 and Time Doctor revealed that the Internet wins out for the top source of distractions with 48 percent of employees surfing the Web at work. While more than 30 percent of staffers believe browsing non-work-related sites on a daily basis is acceptable, 40 percent of them admit that doing so causes them lost productivity. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep staff in line.


Set clear expectations
The sooner you make it known to employees what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace, the better. Once staff members are hired, make it a point to define their responsibilities and expectations as clearly as possible to give them a sense of purpose. It can be helpful to develop concrete policies in regard to such aspects as lunch breaks, social media activity and personal phone calls. You can also leverage elearning software during the initial training process to teach staff about proper and secure Web searching and social media use at work. Doing so will empower them to use the Internet to their benefit, and not for time-wasting activities.


Hold staff accountable
Instead of blaming employees when they waste time, TLNT emphasized that it’s better to focus on accountability. Holding frequent performance reviews is helpful because as employees know that their work is continually being evaluated, they are more likely to stay on task. This also gives managers a chance to identify if any workers are becoming disengaged or distracted, and nip those issues in the bud. It’s always helpful to reward high productivity, as doing so will inspire staff to continue


Offer them an alternative
One of the best ways to minimize time wasting is to inspire staff with educational opportunities that will promote their growth. Oftentimes, staff members will possess unique skills that are not being used in their current role. You can create online courses in a variety of subjects related to the business so that they always have something to work on that benefits the company.

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