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5 Ways To Destroy a New Employee During Their Training Period

By Bobby
Published on August 6, 2013

Research from the Human Capital Institute reveals that about 70% of new employees make a decision to leave or stay with with an employer within six months of starting employment, a crucial period where employees are training and learning.  Aside from employers utilizing tools such as an online training software to develop an effective training program, companies should also implement strategies to engage, motivate and ultimately retain new hires.


However, in an interesting twist on this topic, rather than ask what do employers need to do to train and engage a new hire, why not ask what might your business be doing now that is demoralizing or even destroying your new hire. Based on the main reasons that new hires leaves, as set out in the HCI report I have set out 5 ways you could be destroying your new recruit.


1.You haven’t presented a clear company strategy so the employee has little or no faith in the future prospects, direction or ambition of the business.


2.You haven’t explained the value and purpose of the new hire’s role from a wider organizational perspective.


3.You haven’t provided enough learning and development support to meet the challenges that are presented to them in the early days.


4.You haven’t provided the employee with socialization support to help them build supportive and empowering networks in the business.


5.You have not shown the employees what and how they need to develop their skills to progress and  get ahead in the business.


Interestingly, the main reason for new hires to leave or stay is linked to the amount of appropriate learning and development support that they are provided with showing what a crucial role the HR and training functions have in motivating and retaining new hires.

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