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What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a quickly emerging term used to describe a hybrid of traditional classroom methods merged with virtual eLearning. Blended learning is a fundamental change in the way the learning experience is approached. It is becoming increasingly popular, as it is more effective than traditional classroom techniques and adds engaging online training content.


While there are many definitions for blended learning, most of them contain three key components:


1) In-person training facilitated by a trainer or educator.

2) Online learning materials, such as online lectures, documents, videos, etc.

3) Independent study time guided by materials in lectures.


Blended learning takes into consideration the time of a user, as teaching material can be recorded ahead of time, letting learners learn on their own time and reserving classroom time for exercises and problem solving. Blended training is based on direct interaction while also implementing an online, distance learning approach.


The “flipped classroom” is a term coined from blended learning referring to teaching that emphasizes going through lecture material on a learner’s own time while in-person training time is used to solve problems or complete example questions.


How Has Blended Learning Changed Teaching?


Blended learning has created a different focus for teachers by emphasizing their roles as facilitators. Facilitators help with the skills needed to make the most out of teaching materials and guiding learners in the right direction.


Blended learning is also being adopted by corporations in their training methods. Rather than solely presenting employees with the information they need to know, trainers are now placing more emphasis on how to apply the knowledge.


By taking the pros of online learning and combining them with traditional training and teaching methods, you will end up saving money while also retaining more knowledge, leading to a more effective learning environment.



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