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Connect Your Team with the Industry Leading Knowledge Sharing Tool

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File Sharing

Easily share learning content such as job aids, procedural guidelines or tutorials from virtually anywhere.

Whether it’s a document, link, video, or other useful material you can share it through BoostHQ knowledge sharing tool.

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file organization and indexing boosthq

Organization and Smart Search

Organize your shared content through tagging each content, and categorizing them into different groups for easy retrieval.

Our smart search ensures your team has access to whatever information they need when they need it.

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Social Engagement

Commenting and Q&A features allow employees to contribute ideas, feedback and questions with their team.

BoostHQ's social features such as content likes and comment upvotes increase employee engagement with the content that is shared.

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close knowledge gaps with boosthq advance reporting and analytics.

Advanced Reporting

Team administrators are able to see metrics about both the content and learners, enabling them to measure the effectiveness of shared material and recognize thought leaders in the organization.

Reports and analytics help administrators proactively identify knowledge gaps in their organization.

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Additional Features

boostHQ is a responsive knowledge sharing platform

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive platform, allowing it to adapt to different screen sizes. View your platform on your computer or any mobile device.

intuitive software for sharing knowledge

User Friendly

The simple and clean interface ensures that the platform is easy-to-use and intuitive. Create a group and upload content within seconds!

Boosthq platform security


BoostHQ uses extremely secure cloud infrastructure to ensure the material you upload is secure and kept confidential.

integration with google products

Google Docs Integration

Quickly pull content from your Google Drive or create and new Google Doc. Permission controls allow you to control which users can edit or view the document.

email and in app notification when shared knowledge

Push Notifications

Send push notifications when team members add content or comment so everyone is in the loop. "@" specific people and they are quickly notified.

sharing web knowledge our with extension

Browser Extension

Google Chrome browser extension allows you to share web content with your team easier than ever.

upvote and like to encourage participation.


Up-voting feature encourages employees to participate and involve with the community.

Customize your knowledge sharing platform to your company branding

White Label Platform

Customize your BoostHQ platform with your company's logo and branding colors for a more consistent look.

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