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Online Employee Training

Why Online Employee Training?

Results are Immediate

Any standardized test can be integrated online, allowing employees to get feedback instantly with a click of a button. This will give everyone the opportunity to see where they went wrong, while the reasoning of their original answer is still fresh.

Greater Retention

With the use of multimedia and design tools, online instruction gives employees what they want. On average, most employees learn better with visual guides and have a easier time retaining information delivered through videos, and charts on their computer screen than simply by reading words in a textbook.

Easier Updates

Textbooks, manuals, and handouts need to be updated every few years to ensure information being provided to employees is accurate. With online learning, updating courses is easy and can be done as frequently as needed. This allows employees to receive the most updated training material possible.

Less Cost

Being physically present at a training session that is geographically far for your employees can not only be challenging to organize but also costly. Hiring a training instructor for every in-house session can also add up. With online training, you can attend class whenever you want. All you need is a laptop and Internet connection.

Why choose the SkyPrep LMS as an Employee Training solution?

Easy and intuitive course creation

The SkyPrep LMS is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It’s made for the non-technical user so courses can be implemented easily and quickly, and for employees to be able to go through teaching material seamlessly. Your employees will no longer dread training tasks.

Train anytime, anywhere

Using the SkyPrep LMS, your employees training is accessible on any tablet or mobile device that has Internet connection. Training can be done at each employees’ own pace and schedule. This gives everyone more flexibility and convenience.

In-depth Reporting

The SkyPrep LMS includes in-depth reporting and allows you to track and measure the results of all your employees. You can even organize each report based on courses, users or groups of people.

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