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Online Compliance Training

Why Compliance Training?

It’s the Law

In many states or provinces, there are regulations that must be followed by organizations. With a proper training curriculum, you can detect or avoid violations by employees that can lead to legal liability.

Employee Improvement

By understanding laws and company policies, employees will work in a more hospitable and respectful workplace. Best part is your employees will spend less time sitting in training rooms which effect your business in the long run.

Business Improvement

Business productivity increases, while detecting and preventing misconduct sets the groundwork for defense in the event an employee wrongdoing does occur.

Why choose the SkyPrep LMS as a Compliance Training solution?

Fast and Reliable

SkyPrep’s online training platform provides a simple and reliable delivery tool to ensure that all your employees are up-to-date with their compliance training. Rather than setting up in-class training sessions, and disrupting business, employees can access their training material on their schedule.

Everything you need, all in one place

All of your training material can now be located on the SkyPrep LMS. You can upload videos, audio, PowerPoint, SCORM documents, etc. There is no longer a need to handle so many variations of files and manuals.

Compliance training anytime, anywhere

The SkyPrep LMS is mobile accessible therefore, employees can take their training with them wherever they go. This creates greater flexibility and convenience for all your learners.

Cost Effective

Rather than budgeting for in-class sessions and travel expenses, SkyPrep provides a much more cost-effective tool to train employees. Each employee also learns at their own pace and provides them a more effective tool to review and understand material. In addition, as new information or policies become available, you can update your content to ensure your training is always up-to-date.

Easy Reporting

SkyPrep allows you to track your employees’ training progression. You can see how each employee is doing by following their course progress and reviewing their test scores. You can also review and print these results in reports. You’ll know which employees understand the material and which ones need more training, making sure you’re always on top of your staff.


SkyPrep awards certifications for employees who have completed their training material. You can also set the duration of time the certificate is valid for if your compliance training needs to be completed annually.

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