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The Process:

Just fill out the form above with the contact information of the LMS decision-maker you wish to refer.
If they convert into an opportunity* or Skyprep Customer, you'll receive:

$300 USD AMAZON Gift card

For companies referred by you that turn into opportunities*.

10% of the First-Year Subscription Fee

For companies referred by you that turn into SkyPrep customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate if I'm not a SkyPrep user?

Certainly! Regardless of whether or not you are a SkyPrep user, we encourage everyone to join our referral program and help us spread the word.

What is the process for tracking the progress of my referral?

Upon submitting your referral, you will receive an email confirmation. As your referral advances through the process, you will receive further updates via email.

What qualifies as a successful referral?

To have a successful referral, you must introduce SkyPrep to an individual who is authorized to make decisions regarding an LMS for a third-party organization. Please note that self-referrals or referrals of colleagues at your own company are not accepted.

What kind of organization would be an ideal candidate for a referral?

We are looking for companies with over 100 full-time employees that demonstrate a definite intention to buy a Learning Management System in the upcoming 60 days.

At what point will I receive my referral bonus?

Once your referral joins SkyPrep and has paid their first-year subscription fee, within 30 days, you will receive the referral bonus from SkyPrep.

How will I get paid?

You will receive payment via wire transfer or check, and we will provide you with the necessary instructions to submit your payment details. If the payment amount exceeds $600, SkyPrep is obligated to issue you an IRS Form MISC-1099, so we will contact you to collect any additional information needed.

Why was my referral denied?

If your referral does not meet the eligibility criteria (refer to "What kind of organization would be an ideal candidate for a referral?"), is currently in the process of purchasing SkyPrep, has declined to join SkyPrep, is already a SkyPrep customer, or has already been referred by another individual, then unfortunately, you will not be eligible for the referral bonus.

Is there a restriction on the number of companies I can refer?

There is no limit! You are welcome to refer as many companies as you wish.

My referral has signed up with SkyPrep! When can I expect to receive my referral bonus?

If you have not received your referral bonus after 30 days of being notified that it is being processed, please reach out to us at [email protected] via email.

What is the First-Year Subscription fee?

The amount a company incurs for their first year of access and usage of SkyPrep's platform.

How does a company I refer become an opportunity*?

In order for a referral to be considered an Opportunity, it must meet these conditions: 1) The referred company is a company with at least 100 full-time employees; 2) The referral is a contact with decision-making authority in the LMS/L&D department; 3) The contact participates in a discovery call; 4) The contact demonstrates a clear intention to purchase a LMS within the next 90 days.