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Compliance Training

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Compliance Training

Compliance training is essential for organizations as it minimizes the risks of running a business. When your employees demonstrate that they understand the laws, regulations and company policies, you will maximize your company’s potential and avoid ruining your business’ reputation.

Online training is an effective and cost effective tool to train your employees.

Why Compliance Training

It’s the Law

In many states or provinces, there are regulations that must be followed by organizations.  With a proper training curriculum, you can detect or avoid violations by employees that can lead to legal liability.

Employee Improvement

By understanding laws and company policies, employees will work in a more hospitable and respectful work place, leaving you with less concerns.

Business Improvement

Business productivity increases, while detecting and preventing misconduct sets the groundwork for defense in the event an employee wrongdoing does occur.

Why SkyPrep as a solution

Fast and Reliable

SkyPrep’s web-based training platform provides a simple and reliable delivery tool to ensure that all your employees are up to date with their training. Rather then setting up in-class training sessions, and disrupting business, employees can access their training material on their schedule, from anywhere in the world.

Cost Effective

Rather then budgeting for in-class sessions and travel expenses, SkyPrep provides a much more cost-effective tool to train employees. Also, as each employee learns at their own pace, their online training provides them a more effective tool to review and understand material. In addition, as new information or new policies become available, you can update your content to ensure your online training software is always up to date.

Track Performance

SkyPrep allows you to track your employees’ training progression. You can see how each employee is doing by following their course progress and reviewing their test scores. You can also review and print these results in reports. You’ll know which employees understand the material and which ones need more training, making sure you’re always on top of your company staff.


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