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Meeting Your Training Needs

SkyPrep's employee training software makes training and testing simple. Our web-based solution allows you to train your employees through engaging courses and ensure training material has been understood through tests. Your employees will have a training tool that's accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Online training has never been this easy.

Courses and Tests

Train your employees using your existing content. Easily add training material including documents, videos, and images. Watch your employees learn the training material, and test them on it.

Track Employees

Our employee training software sends automated email reminders to your employees if new training content is available. Real-time detailed reports reveal all the information you need.

Award Certificates

Every time one of your employees successfully completes their online training course, recognize their achievement through certifications. Most importantly, watch your company stay ahead of the competition. Employee training done right.

Quality and Consistency

Operating a franchise has many benefits, but also has the responsibility of presenting a consistent experience for customers. A successful franchise provides consistency between locations with a uniform level of service and quality. SkyPrep can be used as a franchise training software by providing a cost-effective and reliable means to train employees at any level of the franchise. Using SkyPrep's centralized online platform ensures a uniform training process for your franchise employees and a consistent experience for your customers, regardless of location.

No Software Installation

With SkyPrep's franchise training software, there are no infrastructure or maintenance costs. Everything is hosted in the cloud, so users anywhere in the world have access to your training.

Cost Effective

SkyPrep is scalable. You only pay for the amount of users that actively log into your training platform. Let SkyPrep grow as your franchise does.

Extremely User Friendly

Employees and franchisees can easily get the training they need, regardless of where they are. SkyPrep's franchise software is designed to be a seamless experience from both the employer and employees' end.

Accessible Material

All documents required of a franchisee, such as user manuals and advertisements, can be securely stored and accessed on the SkyPrep platform.

A Secure Business

Compliance training is essential for organizations as it minimizes the risks of running a business. When your employees demonstrate that they understand the laws, regulations, and company policies, you will maximize your company’s potential and avoid ruining your business' reputation. Having good compliance training software is an effective and cost efficient tool to train your employees.

It’s the Law

In many states and provinces, there are regulations that must be followed by organizations. With a proper training curriculum, you can detect and avoid violations by employees that could potentially lead to legal liability.

Employee Improvement

By understanding laws and company policies, employees will work in a more hospitable and respectful work place, leaving you with less concerns.

Business Improvement

Business productivity increases while the ability to detect and prevent misconduct sets the groundwork for defense in the event an employee wrongdoing occurs.

Preventing Workplace Accidents

Safety in the workplace is imperative for operating a successful business, so training employees to work in accordance with these safety requirements is mandatory. Furthermore, a business needs to ensure that all staff is obtaining uniform and consistent safety information across the board, otherwise the opportunity for negligence increases significantly due to improper training. Using SkyPrep's safety training software ensures you deliver a consistent and thorough training experience for all of your employees.

Safety Documents

Upload rules and regulatory documents, outlining what sort of safe workplace etiquette is required from your employees.

Work Safe Videos

Embed videos that show the difference between safe and unsafe workplace activities. Give your employees potentially unsafe workplace scenarios and ask them to analyze the situation.

Safety Exams

Use SkyPrep's safety training software to test your employees' knowledge of your safety standards. Workplace safety is of the utmost importance, and SkyPrep gives you all the tools you need to ensure safe business operation.

Essential Information

The goal of profit aside, nothing is more important than the health and livelihood of your workers. As such, it is imperative that those in the healthcare industry are thoroughly educated in the profession. This emphasis has been the driving force behind the industry’s lead in adopting new technologies to improve safety and the work environment. Healthcare professionals need to be trained and educated in the most effective way possible. Good healthcare training software plays an important role in getting information to the ones that need it the quickest. Many healthcare professionals lead a fast and busy schedule, and SkyPrep’s online course software provides the tools to meet their demands.


24/7 access to training material to fit a hospital worker’s busy schedule. When it comes to healthcare training, there are no shortcuts, but you can ease that task by using SkyPrep for training and preparing your healthcare professionals.


Free up critical time for each worker. With SkyPrep's healthcare training platform, you can have a centralized location for all of your data and critical information.

Emergency Medical Services

Whether your healthcare employee is on the road or at the office, SkyPrep gives you the flexibility to train from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

Training the Workforce

With SkyPrep you can develop curriculums that meet your company's manufacturing training needs. Whether you want to train employees on Lean Thinking, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Quality Management, or Production Management, SkyPrep makes building courses simple and intuitive.

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