Upload Content

Upload PDFs, Word and Excel documents, PowerPoints (with audio), Videos and much more to a centralized location. Once uploaded you can organize your files into folders ready for use any number of times in your courses.

Create Quizzes and Tests

Each exam can have its own settings, such as a time limit and passing grade, and can include various question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and essay format. Any exam you create, is ready for use in any of your courses.

Build Courses and Award Certificates

Pick-and-choose from your content and exams to build whole courses. You can arrange these items in any order you want, and have the option of forcing your learners to progress through courses in the order of your choosing. Enroll your users manually, or allow them to enroll themselves via an external link. Upon course completion, you can award your learners with course certificates that acknowledge their achievements.

Add Users Individually or in Bulk

SkyPrep allows you to add users individually or in bulk. Removing users is just as easy. You can also have users enroll themselves into courses via a link you provide them.

Group and Manage Users

Manage and organize users in anyway you would like by placing them into various groups. You can enroll individual users or whole groups into courses. Managing users has never been so easy.

Automated Emails and Notifications

Your Dashboard will always keep you up-to-date so you know who has been logging in, completing exams and finishing courses. You can receive this information via email as well. Your learners can also receive email notifications informing them of new course assignments.

User Reports

Generate reports that will show you how a user is performing in their courses. Know which courses a user excels in, and which ones they need more help in.

Group Reports

Compare members within a group, and then compare the performance of entire groups to other groups. Group reports give you all the data you need to analyze departments.

Course Reports

Analyze the structure of any of your courses. Track which courses are taking the longest to complete, which ones have the most difficult exams, and more. Use course report data to know what changes you need to make to any of your courses.

Your Logo and Color Theme

Fully represent your brand to your learners. Upload your own logo and select one of the 10 color themes that we provide to customize the look of SkyPrep.

Select Your Domain

Select a SkyPrep sub-domain, for example YourCompany.SkyPrep.com. If you really want to personalize the feel of your training portal, you can use your own domain, for example training.YourCompany.com, creating a true white label solution. Available to Pro Plan members and above.

Course Certificates

Issue the standard SkyPrep certificate, or send us your own custom certificate to award. Course certificate are available on all Plans, but custom certificates are only available to those on the Business or Enterprise Plan.

Select Your Language (Coming Soon)

You and your learners can experience SkyPrep in the language of your choosing. Will be available in over 10 languages.

Learn Anywhere

SkyPrep online portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet connection. Access your training 24/7.

Tablet Friendly

Our training platform works with almost all tablet devices. Your learners can access their learning material from their iPad, Android, or any similar tablet device.

Use Any Web-Browser

SkyPrep works with all modern web-browsers. Recommended to use with Chrome, IE9+, Safari, and Firefox.

SSL Access and Standards Compliance

Our online training platform includes security features, including SSL access and is standard compliant. Feel safe knowing that your data will never be compromised.

System Backup

We back up your data 24/7. Sleep easy knowing that anything you upload to SkyPrep will never be lost.

Automatic Updates

SkyPrep is hosted in the cloud and automatically updates to the latest version, meaning you will never need to install again.

Selective IP Access

To those on the Business or Enterprise, specify a range of exclusive IP addresses that you grant access to your portal.

Any courses you have built in your training platform can also be used to sell to people outside of your organization. There are no exta fees, only a 10% commision on each course sale. NOTE: Users that you sell courses to do not count towards your monthly Active User quota.

Set Your Course Price

Your courses can be sold at any price that you set above $10 USD. When you set your course price, you can also set a course access length. Sell your courses in USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, GBP, or other currencies.

Website Integration

SkyPrep generates course links that allow users to purchase your courses. Paste this link into your website to have course buyers purchase directly from your page. You get paid instantly, and the buyer gets immediate access.