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Produce seamless training with the SkyPrep and Rippling connector

Enhance your training management by seamlessly integrating SkyPrep and Rippling. This powerful connection syncs and updates user data from Rippling to SkyPrep, preventing duplicate data entry and streamlining administrative tasks.

Integration features

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Create & Remove User Accounts

Create & remove user accounts

Pull employee data from Rippling directly into SkyPrep to automatically create and remove user accounts.

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Auto Assign Groups

Auto assign groups

Automatically assign learners to groups in SkyPrep based on their Rippling attributes like department and role.

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Streamlined Onboarding and Offboarding

Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

Streamline both onboarding and offboarding by using Rippling data to automatically create and archive employee profiles based on their Rippling data.

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Real-Time Data Synchronization

Real-time data synchronization

Changes made to employee data in Rippling are instantly reflected in SkyPrep, providing real-time updates to ensure accuracy and consistency.

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Customizable Data Mapping

Customizable data mapping

Customize how attributes from Rippling are to be mapped to SkyPrep learner profiles, allowing for a tailored integration that meets your specific organizational needs.

SkyPrep Rippling Integration Feature Improved Productivity

Improved productivity

Minimize the need for manual data entry and account management, freeing up valuable time for administrators to focus on more strategic tasks, while also decreasing the likelihood of errors commonly associated with manual input.

Introducing SkyPrep,
the LMS without the mess

SkyPrep is an intuitive platform that allows organizations to easily create, deliver, and track training content, ensuring employees stay engaged and informed. It is designed for all types of businesses seeking a seamless way to manage their learning and development initiatives.

With our commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and exceptional customer support, we help ensure your organization produces the best learning experience for your team to succeed in their roles.

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SkyPrep client Ebay
SkyPrep client Buffalo Bills
SkyPrep client Cymax Group Technologies
SkyPrep client Goodwill
SkyPrep client Joint Commission International
SkyPrep client Dickeys
SkyPrep client Massachusetts General Hospital
SkyPrep client Southco
SkyPrep client Soudal
SkyPrep client Cardinal Financial

SkyPrep features

SkyPrep Feature User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interface

Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that both administrators and learners can navigate it effortlessly.

SkyPrep Feature Customizable Learning Paths

Customizable learning paths

Create personalized learning journeys that align with the specific needs and goals of your organization.

SkyPrep Feature Robust Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics

Gain actionable insights into learner progress and training effectiveness to make data-driven decisions.

SkyPrep Feature Content Creation and Management

Content creation and management

Easily develop and upload courses using a variety of formats, including videos, presentations, virtual classrooms and quizzes.

SkyPrep Feature Gamification and Engagement

Gamification and engagement

Boost learner motivation with gamified elements like badges, leaderboards, and certificates that make the training experience more interactive and rewarding.

SkyPrep Feature Compliance and Certification Management

Compliance and certification management

Ensure your organization meets industry regulations and standards with our robust compliance tracking and certificate management features.

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