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Manufacturing Training

Online Training for Industrial Industries

Whether it’s quality, performance, health and safety, or accredited training, our platform will power all your training needs.

project training software Project Management

Equip your managers with the knowledge, and soft skills to effectively steer your most important projects.

sales training software Sales Training

Empower your personnel with not just the technical know how, but also the business intuition to expand your business activities.

process LMS Process Specialised Training

Our simple interface, and comprehensive course building tools will allow all industrial disciplines, whether they be automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, agriculture, mining, chemical, or medical industries, build fully interactive courses within minutes.

quality lms Quality Management (5S, 7QC)

Ensure your personnel maintain your standards for operation, and manufacturing goods are held to the highest degree by hosting your standards, and guidelines online for them to refer to, and be tested on..

safety training lms Risk Management, Safety, and Compliance Training

Safety, and risk management is crucial for your industry. With our platform you can regularly test understanding, and train personnel on relevant safety practices.

buy a quality LMS Strategic Procurement

Continuously improve, and reevaluate the purchasing activities of your personnel with regular training sessions.

scalable LMS Supply Chain Management

With our evaluation tools/platform, make sure your personnel are fully versed on all channels from production to consumer.

anytime LMS Root Cause Analysis

With multimedia presentations, and live webinars, train your personnel with the problem solving intuition essential in your industry.

new hire training General Orientation

Transfer your general HR training for new employees online, and avoid logistical costs of coordinating lessons in a physical location.

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