Take control of
your user database

Make user management easier through automation
and bulk changes to alleviate your staff
of menial and repetitive tasks.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Simplify user management

Streamline user updates and assign managers to provide a strong framework for your user management system.

Bulk user updates

Mass upload and enroll users into courses and learning paths to easily track and manage training and learner success.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Create groups

Segment users into their appropriate groups and enroll them into relevant training courses and learning paths.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Assign course and group managers

Provide administrators the power to oversee learner progress across the platform to help track success and areas of difficulty.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Manage permissions

Maintain order and control over user management through manager permissions and custom roles to minimize crossed wires and potential errors.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Choose SkyPrep

Our award-winning platform is designed for you to
get the most out of your training and development.

Software Advice Front Runners LMS 2024
GetApp Category Leaders LMS 2024
G2 Easiest to Use Mid-Market Winter 2024
Capterra Best Ease of Use LMS 2023
Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award Gold 2023
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