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Into Your Training Program

Track learner progress, assessment results, and more with
SkyPrep's intuitive and robust reporting features.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Track KPIs and Measure Success With Our Built-In and Custom Reports

Better understand the performance of both learners and your training programs through user data and analytics. Spot trends and make informed, data-driven decisions to improve your training, and ensure learners are getting the most out of their training experience.

Dashboard Overview

Quickly view a snapshot of key training metrics like ungraded assessments, upcoming deadlines, and re-enrollments, all in one place.

SkyPrep LMS Features


Out-of-the-box reports like learner progress, certificates, and assessments can be launched with the click of a button to provide the data you need right away.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Highly Configurable

Get detailed information by customizing reports to your preferences like using various filters and custom data fields, and showing or hiding columns.

SkyPrep LMS Features


View key training metrics quickly and spot trends through bar graphs and pie charts.

SkyPrep LMS Features

Automate and Schedule

Automate reports by scheduling them to be sent to your inbox or other team members daily, weekly, or monthly.

SkyPrep LMS Features

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