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Learning Management System

The SkyPrep learning management system is the most powerful, simple, and sleek training management system out there for delivering employee training, development, and certification.

The LMS Without the Mess

Try Our Learning Management System Free, with No Obligations.

Upload E-Learning Content.

Our LMS allows you to upload all file types. Upload files once and create a library of training content to pull from to create your courses in the SkyPrep learning management system.

Upload eLearning Content - SkyPrep

LMS Software That Is Easy-to-Use.

At SkyPrep, we built a LMS that contains all the functionality you're looking for, without sacrificing simplicity. After all, a LMS is supposed to make your work easier, not harder.

Easy To Use LMS - SkyPrep
Create Online Courses - SkyPrep Create Online Courses

Add teaching material that you already have and easily build your courses.

Create Online Exams - SkyPrep Create Exams

Our learning platform has an easy-to-use quiz maker. Making exams only takes a few minutes.

LMS Branding - SkyPrep Branding and Logo

Brand your learning portal with your company logo and style. Easily create a color theme that fits your branding.

Train Employees - SkyPrep Track and Train Employees

Create training programs for your learners and see how they perform in their online learning courses.

Tablet Friendly LMS - SkyPrep Multi-Device

Your students can use our LMS software on all of their devices. Our software is available for both computers and mobile devices.

Secure LMS - SkyPrep Security Controls

Activate or deactivate your web-based courses or disable learner login with our online learning platform. You can even restrict access to allow only specific email domains or IP addresses to sign in.

Scalable LMS - SkyPrep Scalable LMS System

Our platform grows with your educational needs. Easily add users and eLearning content as you expand.

Anytime LMS - SkyPrep Access 24/7

Enjoy SkyPrep from anywhere in the world. Educate your learners with online courses on their own time.

No Installation Required - SkyPrep No Hosting

Our learning management system is hosted in the cloud so no installation is required.

Instantly Launch Your Own LMS for Free

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Our training software works on all computers and mobile devices.

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  • Available on iOS
  • Available on Android