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Deliver, track, and automate your compliance and performance management with the easiest LMS on the market.

As a manufacturing company, the two things you can't compromise on are production quality and speed. However, increasing one should not come at the cost of the other. Instead, it should be achieved by further strengthening and diversifying your employees' skill sets. That is only possible when you are improving your employees' skills on an ongoing basis.

Increasing your manufacturing quality and speed are two ways to increase revenue. Take your employee and worker training to the next level with a Learning Management System.

Training software for the manufacturing industry

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Training new workers

Efficiently onboard new hires as soon as they join the company, quickly bringing them up to speed and into your workforce.

Safety training

Keep your employees safe with ongoing safety training - training that is crucial for both your employees and the success of your company.

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Compliance training

Comply with international standards and build trust with your customers. SkyPrep simplifies and quickens compliance training and provides trackable certificates.

Key features of a training software
for manufacturing companies

  • SkyPrep Feature Certification


  • SkyPrep Feature Security


  • SkyPrep Feature Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & analytics

  • SkyPrep Feature User Management

    User management

  • SkyPrep Feature Mobile


  • SkyPrep Feature White Labeling

    White labeling

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Benefits of using an LMS in manufacturing

SkyPrep Manufacturing Benefit High Productivity

High productivity

Better training processes result in increased productivity, free from errors and mistakes. An LMS can help employees achieve high productivity through proper, consistent training.

SkyPrep Manufacturing Benefit Uniform Training

Uniform training

Given the necessity for manufacturing companies to adhere to numerous international and national regulations, consistent standards in their processes is essential. This uniformity is achieved through standardized training facilitated by an LMS.

SkyPrep Manufacturing Benefit Improve Information Retention

Low cost

Using an LMS both reduces the need for expensive face-to-face training, and allows training to take place at any time, reducing loss in production.

SkyPrep Manufacturing Benefit Lower Risk


If you have set yourself apart from your competitors and expect rapid growth, an LMS easily grows with your growing employee training needs.

SkyPrep Manufacturing Benefit Faster Onboarding

Employee-oriented training

With workers spread over different departments, an LMS allows every worker to train at a comfortable time at their own pace.

Discover the difference a powerful LMS
makes on your onboarding

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