The LMS for Manufacturing Companies

A Complete Training Solution for People with Diversified Skill Sets

Training Software for the Manufacturing Industry

As a manufacturing company, the two things you can’t compromise on are production quality and speed. However, increasing one should not come at the cost of a decrease in the other. Instead, it should be achieved by further strengthening and diversifying your employees' skill sets. That is only possible when you are improving your employees' skills on an ongoing basis.

Increasing your manufacturing quality and speed are two ways to increase revenue. Take your employee and worker training to the next level with an Learning Management System.

  • Training New Workers: Use SkyPrep to efficiently onboard new hires as soon as they join the company, quickly bringing them up to speed and into your workforce.
  • Safety Training: The manufacturing industry can sometimes require tasks to be performed that are dangerous if done incorrectly. Keep your employees safe with ongoing safety training – training that is crucial for both your employees and the success of your company.
  • Compliance Training: To build trust with your customers, you have to guarantee that your processes comply with international standards. SkyPrep simplifies and quickens compliance training and provides trackable certificates.

Benefits of Using an LMS for Manufacturing Companies

High Productivity: Better training processes result in increased productivity, free from errors and mistakes. An LMS can help employees achieve high productivity through proper, consistent training.
Uniform Training: Since manufacturing companies have to comply with many international and national laws, they need uniform standards in their processes, and that comes from standardized training with an LMS.
Low Cost: Using an LMS both reduces the need for expensive face-to-face training, and allows training to take place at any time, reducing loss in production.
Scalability: If you have set yourself apart from your competitors and expect rapid growth, an LMS easily grows with your growing employee training needs.
Employee-Oriented Training: With workers spread over different departments, an LMS allows every worker to train at a comfortable time at their own pace.

Key Features of a Training Software
for Manufacturing Companies


Automatically generated certificates show that your employees are qualified for the job that they're doing. SkyPrep can even automatically re-enroll users who have certificates that are no longer current.

User Management

Your LMS should be easy to work with, with user controls easy to find and use – it's supposed to make your job easier, not harder. There's a reason why we're the LMS Without the Mess.


With proprietary training content hosted on your LMS, it's important that the LMS is secure and up-to-date with its security.


With operations in different locations, an LMS that supports mobile learning is a huge advantage. Make sure your employees get the proper training, regardless of where they are.

Reporting & Analytics

With improved employee training, productivity and efficiency increases. Recognize your star performers with analytics and reports about all of the training that has been done.

White Labeling

With a full suite of customization options available, make the SkyPrep platform look like an internal tool, maintaining your company's feel and overall experience.

Why Choose SkyPrep?

We Are Trusted: More than 500 companies have trusted SkyPrep to take their employee training to the next level.
Award-Winning LMS: Capterra recognized SkyPrep as their most recommended LMS. SkyPrep's user-friendliness and customer support have also received awards.
Our Customer Support Is the Best: Our product experts are available to help you with your SkyPrep-related issues through email and tickets, and over the phone.
Ease of Use: SkyPrep is easy to use for both course creators and learners. It ensures that every user starts using the platform to learn instead of learning how to use the platform.
Very Little Deployment Time: The manufacturing industry is extremely fast-paced. SkyPrep is quick to deploy, so you can start training your workers without causing delays in your processes.
Peace of Mind: The way SkyPrep was built ensures that all your information is secure no matter how broadly your learners are dispersed within the country or beyond borders.

Improve your online training today with SkyPrep.

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