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Learning Management System for Franchise Training

Using SkyPrep's well designed Learning Management System (LMS), you can optimize your training by transferring your training content, whether be for franchisees, unit managers, or regular employees, onto our online platform.

The LMS without the mess

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Digitize and Reinvigorate operations manuals

Maximize the knowledge gained by transferring all your essential content from your manual to our online training platform. This ensures your Franchise Training content will always be a simple click away for reference, and makes for easy navigation with our intuitive interface.

Franchise Training Online

Transfer some of the Franchise Training that you would have been done exclusively in a classroom online. This blended learning system saves you time, money, and keeps things interesting by departing from traditional classroom settings.

Micromanage Unit Managers and Store Personnel

Manage the training of managers, and store personnel by bulking each into their own user groups in The SkyPrep LMS. From there you can organize each into tailored courses, and evaluations, create custom email notifications, and track their respective performances in real-time.

Supplement On-Site Training

Repetition is key for knowledge acquisition, however, repeating the same on-site training is costly. The SkyPrep LMS allows for repetition in an online setting with minimal costs.

Why choose The SkyPrep LMS for your franchise training?

  • No additional costs; no maintenance, hosting, or account set up fees
  • Easily scalable depending the growth of your franchise
  • Easily report data in an easy-to-read and organized manner
  • Various of methods of communication, which allows you to easily communicate your franchises goals and vision to all employees.
  • Intuitive training experience
Simple and Clean Interface

SkyPrep's intuitive interface, and simple course building tools will have you transition all your training online within minutes.

Live Teleconferencing

Conduct live online seminars between your training experts, and your trainees. Bypass the limitations of getting everyone into a single physical space, and also train more individuals than would have been possible in one sitting.

Incorporate Your Professional Titles

Integrate your titles or position names instead of default labels for users, groups, or admins.

Real-time user tracking

Immediate summaries available, providing overviews on course activity, progress, and general performance.

Security Guarantees

The SkyPrep LMS makes all the security stops to ensure the material you upload is secure, and kept confidential.

Customization Options

The SkyPrep LMS also offers plenty of customization options to personalize your Franchise Training platform. From custom certificates, domain names, theme, and logo, you can make your users feel like they are doing their training directly from your own website.

Using SkyPrep, you will find just how easy and affordable it is to use our Learning Management Software (LMS). Our training software for Franchise Training provide you with the tips and tools to make the most out of SkyPrep's platform- Everything you need. All in one place.

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