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Easily manage, monitor, and streamline your compliance and product training using the most intuitive LMS.

Increasing revenue for financial institutions is reliant upon the quality of their products and services. They need to be proficient internally before they can expect to provide quality solutions externally.

An LMS will help to eliminate inefficient training and streamline processes for a more efficient and effective learning experience for your team.

Training solutions for financial institutions

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Product training

Efficiently educate your employees about the products and services you offer right when they're hired.

Compliance training

Train your employees for them to understand every legal and compliance aspect regarding your clients' private and confidential information.

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Sales training

Standardize your sales training, offer best practices, and evaluate their understanding using assessments.


Effectively onboard new hires to avoid adverse legal consequences arising from poorly trained staff.

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Key features for finance training

  • SkyPrep Feature Security


  • SkyPrep Feature Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & analytics

  • SkyPrep Feature Certifications


  • SkyPrep Feature Compliance


  • SkyPrep Feature White-Labeling

    White labeling

  • SkyPrep Feature Open API

    Open API

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Benefits of using an LMS in finance

SkyPrep Banking Benefit Time Savings

Time savings

Save time by allowing your employees to train at a time that best suits their workload. No need to interrupt workflows to host in-person training sessions.

SkyPrep Banking Benefit Digitalization


To remain relevant, financial institutions must transition their operations to a digital format. An LMS achieves this goal by bringing training and materials online for easy access.

SkyPrep Banking Benefit Improve Workforce Knowledge

Improve workforce knowledge

Well trained staff do their jobs better - that's a given. An LMS allows testing and standardized training to be administered, giving your firm an edge in the industry.

SkyPrep Banking Benefit Meet Compliance Standards

Meet compliance standards

With so many different laws revolving around financial products and services, you have to train your new hires without any compromises to avoid legal issues and punitive actions.

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