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Effortlessly manage your compliance, safety, and CE training by utilizing the most user-friendly LMS available

Healthcare is an extremely fast-paced and ever changing industry where medical professionals need to undergo regular training and certification to provide the best quality service.

Professionals must adapt swiftly, making a Learning Management System (LMS) invaluable for streamlining training and enhancing workforce knowledge.

Training solutions for healthcare

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Offer certification training

Award certificates with e-signatures for users that complete a course.

HIPAA + policy compliance training

Meet and prove HIPAA and other policy compliance requirements through robust reporting.

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Continuing education

Motivate employees to continue their education and improve knowledge retention by providing interactive and efficient learning.

Onboarding & orientation

Get new hires up to speed and train management in a shorter amount of time with an efficient and intuitive LMS.

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Key features for software training

  • SkyPrep Feature User-Friendly


  • SkyPrep Feature Mobile


  • SkyPrep Feature Compliance Reporting

    Compliance reporting

  • SkyPrep Feature Real-Time User Tracking

    Real-time user tracking

  • SkyPrep Feature White-Labeling

    White labeling

  • SkyPrep Feature Enhanced Security

    Enhanced security

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Benefits of using an LMS in healthcare

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Lower Training Expenses

Lower training expenses

Increase workforce knowledge and reduce costs by reducing or eliminating the need for expensive face-to-face training.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Increase Workforce Knowledge

Increase workforce knowledge

With standardized training, all employees receive the same level of training and knowledge.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Improve Information Retention

Improve information retention

Drive knowledge retention with interactive learning and 24/7 access to training materials.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Lower Risk

Lower risk

Lower the risk of compliance violations by keeping the entire organization aligned with health industry standards and up to date with changing government regulations.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Faster Onboarding

Faster onboarding

Provide easy access to courses and training materials anywhere, anytime, for new employees.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Streamline Compliance and Certification

Streamline compliance and certification

Prevent lapses in compliance by tracking certificate completions and automatically re-enrolling users into certification courses.

SkyPrep Healthcare Benefit Faster Development or Specialized Skill Sets

Faster development or specialized skill sets

Quickly develop specialized skill sets and provide training on any emergency procedure, be it Fire Safety, CPR, Defibrillation, or any others.

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