A Learning Management System for Franchise Training

A Training Solution that Grows With Your Franchise

Operating a successful franchise requires a significant investment of both time and funds.

As the franchise grows, you need to scale programs and systems accordingly and foster the same culture and community in new locations while maintaining consistency across the entire business.

A learning management system can help you run a successful franchise.

Training Solutions for Franchises

  • Compliance: As your franchise expands, an LMS can help you train dispersed groups of workers across many locations and ensure compliance via robust reporting.
  • SOP: With an LMS, you can use standardized material to teach and replicate the same values, procedures, and requirements as the parent company through all franchise locations.
  • Certification Training: Easily assign courses and offer certificates of completion to your employees.
  • Effective Onboarding: Expanding your franchise means hiring new employees for every new branch. With an LMS, you can swiftly and consistently onboard new staff.
  • On-the-go training: Access training material from any part of the world, at any time, and on practically any device.
Benefits of an LMS for Franchises
Here’s how an LMS can help your franchise business:
  • Reduce Costs: Repetition is key for knowledge acquisition. However, repeating the same on-site training is costly. An LMS allows for repetition in an online setting with minimal costs.
  • Flexibility: An LMS liberates franchise partners and their workers from the need to follow the rigid agendas of classroom-based courses, allowing them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.
  • Strengthen Culture: Support your franchisees and strengthen corporate culture by giving feedback on training, conveying sales statistics or industry related news, and making announcements to everybody with a single click.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Create training content easily and deploy new courses swiftly, whether to announce new products and services across the entire chain, or to notify associates about the latest plans.
  • Training Consistency: Franchise chains uphold stores and services across many locations. With an LMS, provide consistent training to all your partners and employees.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: 24/7 access to useful information minimizes costly business downtime while improving customer service.
  • Provides Insights: It provides precise and detailed performance reporting on course completion and evaluations, ideal for identifying any knowledge gaps.
  • Standardization: When running a franchise, it's often essential to have all franchise locations standardized in terms of their offerings. An LMS allows all franchise locations to access the exact same training, allowing for seamless standardization across all locations.
Key Features of SkyPrep LMS for Your Franchise
When choosing an LMS for your franchise business, look for these features:
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White Labeling

It should be fully customizable and white labelled so that all branches reflect the branding and feel of the parent company.

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It should offer certificates for trainees and provide tools to help franchisers evaluate the training's effectiveness.

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Compliance Training

It should offer robust reporting on course completion and participation by individual learners, teams, or the whole organization to ensure compliance.

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It should cater to employees operating in different stores, subdivisions, cities, countries, and time zones, regardless of the device they're accessing the training on.

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It should allow easy assignment of training to individuals or teams, as well as facilitate self-enrollment.

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It should be safe and secure so that only the right users are allowed access to exclusive and confidential material.

Why Choose SkyPrep?
  • SkyPrep is not just an LMS for franchises. It’s a turnkey learning solution. Here’s why:
  • Lower cost: The SkyPrep LMS is offered at a lower cost when compared to other training programs.
  • Security: It uses high tech security methods and protocols to safeguard anything you upload – it's all protected and kept private.
  • Trusted and Awarded: With its reliable and universally acknowledged front-line performance, the SkyPrep LMS is easy to use and comes with award-winning customer support.
  • Customizable: You can customize every aspect of the LMS, from the achievement certificates and email notifications, to the platform colors and domain. Make it feel like a part of your own website!
  • Easy to Use: Access the SkyPrep LMS from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, facilitating your employees’ different schedules and learning paces.
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