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Learning Management Platform

For Healthcare Professionals

Online access. Available 24/7.
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Perfect for: Physicians, Nurses, Students & Volunteers, Administrative & Clinical Staff, Emergency Response Personnel, Home Care & Long-Term Care Staff.

Software Designed with Healthcare Providers in Mind

Manage all of your training materials, continuing education courses, and staff online with SkyPrep.

HIPAA + Policy Compliance Training

Train staff on HIPAA and policy compliance by creating custom courses tailored to your requirements. Upload or embed videos, create tests and assessments, upload PowerPoint presentations, text documents, and much more. SkyPrep enables you to manage both training and staff in one place, which results in less administrative or logistical burden.

Volunteer Training Software - SkyPrep

Continuing Education

Employees excel in environments where continuing education is provided and encouraged. SkyPrep helps facilitate ongoing learning by hosting all continuing education courses and exams online in one place, and enabling learner access using a desktop or mobile devices. Administrators have the ability to enrol staff in continuing education courses, send reminders about upcoming training, and also conduct training online via webinar.

Infection Control Training - SkyPrep

Onboarding + Orientation

Training new staff, volunteers, and students is a lot of work, especially when dealing with high turnover. SkyPrep enables administrators to create training and onboarding courses tailored to specific types of users and user groups. SkyPrep automates the entire training process for your new team members from beginning to end. 24/7 online access to the Resource Center also ensures that your new staff has all the materials and courses available at the fingertips.

General Orientation Training - SkyPrep

Emergency Procedures

Whether your staff needs training on Fire Safety, CPR, Defibrillation & Anaphylaxis, EpiPen use, or any other emergency procedures, SkyPrep can help. Administrators can set due dates for training completion, set minimum score pass requirements, and ensure that all staff is properly trained on all emergency protocols and procedures.

Emergency Training Platform - SkyPrep

Best Practice Guidelines + Professional Development

Help all employees follow best practice guidelines by making them easily accessible for review at all times. SkyPrep enables both managers and staff to actively participate in professional development by creating open lines of communication with messaging and announcement board features. Both parties can also set goals, review training history, and access the SkyPrep course library for additional training.

eLearning Specialized Training - SkyPrep

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