Online Franchise Training

Help your franchise stream-line training and grow.

Optimize your training by transferring your training content, whether be for franchisees, unit managers, or regular employees, onto our online platform. From there, build professional courses that engage, and enrich your personnel with the knowledge, and skills necessary to elevate your enterprise.

Join the growing number of franchises that have made their training easy by going online with SkyPrep.

Used by Live Nation, Maryland Casino, ThyssenKrupp, Segway, United Way, Oklahoma State University, Bufallo Bills, Aimia, YMCA and Kikkoman

Simple and Clean Interface

Our intuitive interface, and simple course building tools will have you transition all your training online within minutes.

Real-Time User Tracking

Immediate user summaries available providing overviews on course activity, progress, and general performance

Security Guarantee

We make all the security stops to ensure the material you upload is secure, and kept confidential.

Manage your Material

Simply upload your existing training material (we support many file types from Word, Excel, PPT, Videos, etc.) onto our platform. Your material will then always be accessible on our platform for you to create new courses or training programs with.

User Management Tools

Bulk users into manageable groups, set up automated email notifications, and in-platform instant messaging are a few of the features available for managing, and communicating with your user base

Analytic Reports

Instantly request reports with metrics specific to the filters you request. You can customize these reports to pertain to performance in an exam(s), course(s), an individual user or a group of users.

Customization Options

We also offer plenty of customization options to personalize your training platform. From custom certificates, domain names, theme, and logo, you can make your users feel like they are doing their training directly from your own website.

Incorporate Your Professional Titles

Integrate your titles or position names instead of default labels for users, groups, or admins.

Live Teleconferencing (coming soon)

Conduct live online seminars between your training experts, and your trainees. Bypass the limitations of getting everyone into a single physical space, and also train more individuals than would have been possible in one sitting.
SkyPrep is extremely easy to use. I would highly recommend SkyPrep
for anyone looking for an online training solution." -Zach from Buffalo Bills

Digitize And Reinvigorate Your Operations Manual.

Maximise the knowledge gained by transferring all your essential content from your manual to our online platform. This ensures the content will always be a simple click away for reference, and makes for easy navigation with our intuitive interface.

Our extensive security precautions will guarantee this information remains private, and secure.

Franchisee Training Online.

Transfer some the training that would have been done exclusively in a classroom online, which can include corporate history and philosophy, pre-opening procedures, daily operations, insurance requirements, vendor relationships and reporting requirements.
This blended learning system saves you time, money, and keeps things interesting by departing from the traditional classroom setting.

Micromanage Unit Managers And Store Personnel

Manage the training of managers, and store personnel by bulking each into their own user groups.
From there you can organize each into tailored courses, and evaluations, create custom email notifications, and track their respective performances in real-time.

Supplement On-Site Training

Repetition is key for knowledge acquisition, however, repeating the same on-site training is costly. We allow for repetition in an online setting with minimal costs. You can make sure all the training that is done on-site is maximised by posting review content online.

Additionally, you can test the knowledge gained through quizzes or tests.

Power Your Ongoing Training

Ideally, training is a process that never ends. Franchisees may need refresher training on business practises, or performance standards.

Training will also always be necessary for new unit managers and employees.

With our online platform you can always have training available and up to date. This way one minimizes reductions in standards, and avoids training costs associated with scheduling regular training programs at physical locations.

From our clients:

Here at Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Buffalo Bills use SkyPrep as a tool to help train our game day team members throughout the course of the season. SkyPrep is extremely easy to use and their support staff is always on hand. I would highly recommend SkyPrep for anyone looking for an online training platform for their organization.
Zach , Buffalo Bills
We are using SkyPrep for a multimedia new employee orientation and migrating all our training programs to this resource-saving option. We have received exceptional customer service and the software has all the features we were looking for.
Allison, YMCA of Okanagan
SkyPrep is an impressive solution. I’m not a tech savvy person but SkyPrep’s terrific customer service made it easy for me to launch their product in our facility. From adding users, materials and exams to running reports on our data, SkyPrep meets all our needs and then some.
Stephanie, Gundersen Tri-County Hospital
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