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What is SCORM?


Why Should I Use SCORM?

Extremely Powerful

SCORM is a powerful tool when creating an online training course. It requires you to only create content once, and then you’re free to use it in as many different modules or courses as you want, without any modifications. SCORM packages also have the option to allow built-in interactivity and multimedia, allowing for immersive training.

Am I SCORM Compliant?

If you are not sure whether your products are SCORM compliant, chances are they’re not. SCORM is a set of very specific technical instructions, not a set of broad guidelines. SCORM dictates how content should be packaged, how content communicates with an LMS, and how the user navigates between parts of the content. SCORM relates to the interface between the content and an LMS – it does not deal with the implementation of the product or its feature sets.

Your best bet to produce content that is SCORM compliant is to use an authoring tool. You can take existing content and make it SCORM compliant as well.

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