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Learning Management System for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

The SkyPrep LMS makes it easy to create and customize training courses to help you to focus on what really matters – growing and expanding your business.

The LMS Without the Mess

Try Our Small Business & Entrepreneur Training Software with No Obligations!

Allow Your Small Business to Flourish

Owning a small business leaves enough on your plate as is. The SkyPrep LMS makes it easy to create and customize training courses, creates an intuitive training experience, and saves you money, all while still providing impeccable training.

Digitalize and Reinvigorate your Small Business Manual

Everything you need to train your employees is in the cloud. No more sorting through complex logistics to get everyone together in one place at the same time – everything you need is organized for you.

Measure Your Small Business Results

Measuring and tracking the results of your employees to ensure that they are retaining what they are being taught is crucial. Not all small business owners or entrepreneurs have the time or manpower to do this, but with SkyPrep, it’s easy!

Level the Playing Field

The right LMS balances the playing field and allows you to provide small business training that’s on par with training coming from a whole training team, something that’s usually only experienced in much larger businesses.

Why Choose SkyPrep's LMS for Small Business & Entrepreneur Training?

  • Engages and empowers your employees
  • Designed for small business success
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Low cost compared to other training methods
  • As many as 100 active users each month
  • In-depth help features to guide you every step of the way
  • • Ensure employees make the most out of their training even if you’re not a 9-5 business – perfect for entrepreneurs!
Simple and Clean Interface

With SkyPrep's intuitive, award-winning interface, building a course has never been easier – spend minutes, not days.

Real-Time User Tracking

Get at-a-glance information about your courses with easy-to-read summaries for course activity, progress, and performance.

Security Guaranteed

The SkyPrep LMS uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that everything you upload is secure and kept confidential.

Managing Your Material

Adding material is as easy as dragging-and-dropping files into your platform. With support for most major file types, as well as the ability to reuse the material in an unlimited number of courses, training your employees has never been easier.

Customization Options

The SkyPrep LMS lets you customize your platform to reflect your company image and branding. Everything from the completion certificates and email notifications, to the platform colors and domain are editable, making them feel as though they are on your own website.

Analytic Reporting

Instantly receive reports with metrics that you specify. Tailor-made reports will give you thorough understanding of how your users are doing in courses and assessments, letting you see just how effective your training is.

So, you’ve made the choice to use SkyPrep's online training platform – good idea! You’re well on your way to fewer tasks and more time. Questions? Concerns? You’re in the right place.

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Our training software works on all computers and mobile devices.

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