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Learning Management System for Food Service Training

Training plays a key role in ensuring quality service. The SkyPrep LMS allows you to save your valuable resources and time in order to focus on more important things whilst still providing impeccable and effective food service training for all hierarchy needs.

The LMS without the Mess

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Blended Food Service Training

Having new employees shadow experienced staff is a widely used method of training in the food service world. Although this methods popularity is due to the fact that it works well, there are some concepts that are best learned through instructions.


There is no longer a need to close up shop for food service training or paying employees to come in during off-hours to complete their training session. Having everything online is one of the great features that makes online training so efficient. Employees can train from wherever, whenever.


Change is good, especially in an industry where your business is always evolving. Keeping track of new menu items, new inventory management procedures etc is hard to do. With The SkyPrep LMS, it is easy to update your content instantly in order to quickly deliver new food service training material to all employees.

Measure and Track

It would be nice to know that your food service training is actually working. Effective training is important not just for your employees but for your businesses success as well. By creating assessments, you can test employees on their knowledge and then measure the recordings. This allows for less wasted time and improves your businesses productivity.

Why choose the SkyPrep LMS for Food Service Training?

  • Less employee mistakes
  • Intuitive training
  • Constant and ongoing food service training
  • Training whenever, wherever
  • Easy implementation
  • Low cost compared to other training methods
Simple and Clean Interface

SkyPrep's intuitive interface, and simple course building tools will have you transition all your training online within minutes.

Real-time User Tracking

Immediate summaries available providing overviews on course activity, progress, and general performance

Security Guarantees

The SkyPrep LMS makes all the security stops to ensure the material you upload is secure, and kept confidential

Managing Your Material

Simply upload your existing training material (We support many file types such as: Word, Excel, PPT, Videos, etc.) onto our LMS platform. Your material will then always be accessible, on our platform, for you to create new courses or programs with..

Customization Options

The SkyPrep LMS also offers plenty of customization options to personalize your Food Service training platform. From custom certificates, domain names, theme, and logo, you can make your users feel like they are doing their training directly from your website.

Analytic Reporting

Instantly request reports with metric specific to the filters you request. You can customize these reports to pertain to performance in an exam (s), course (s), an individual user or a group of users.

Using SkyPrep, you will find just how easy and affordable it is to use our Learning Management Software (LMS). Our training software for Food Service Training provides you with the tips and tools to make the most out of SkyPrep's platform- Everything you need. All in one place.

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