An online training software shouldn't be complicated.

SkyPrep Online Training Platform

Deliver Smarter Training with Our
Award-Winning Training Software

Because poor employee training is a mistake you can’t afford.

Empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to continue making your business a success.

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"We have really benefited from rolling this out across the organization. Great software and easy to use."


HR Director

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Bring your new hires up to speed on your products and processes quickly and cost effectively.

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"We've been using product for almost 2 years for our new employees. SkyPrep eliminated a lot of hand-holding that we previously had to do."


HR Specialist

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Deploy, track and improve compliance training to keep your employees on top of government and company-mandated policies.

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"SkyPrep has allowed us to really streamline our training programs and be compliant with the industry standards that we follow. It's affordable, flexible, and great for our company."


Compliance Officer

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Elevate your customers’ experience and provide them with the knowledge they need to continue using your products loyally. Provide your partners with the same great training no matter where in the world they are located.

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"SkyPrep is the only LMS I would recommend to any company that is looking to simplify its internal training."


Senior Trainer

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What They're Saying...

Over 500 global organizations large and small engage their teams
with our award-winning online training software.

“As the administrator for the LMS, I have been thoroughly impressed. The system has a very intuitive and user-friendly UI, our users require very little training to use it.”

Customer Face

Associate Director, City of Kirkland

“SkyPrep has allowed us to really streamline our training programs and be compliant with the industry standards that we follow. It's affordable, flexible, and great for our company.”

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Associate Director, Mophie

“I have been working at CSM for 4 years now and this is by far the easiest way to get employees complaint with the paperwork we require.”

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Associate Director, Case Snow

“We have a very complicated training offering and this was the only software I could find to accommodate it at a reasonable price”

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Associate Director, Real-Eyez Beauty Group

Support is amazing. Available, helpful, knowledgeable and the best part is if we suggest a change/addition, it gets serious consideration and for us, has actually been implemented.”

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Associate Director, Wilson Martino Dental

“I have 80 Employees working in 12 states. SkyPrep allows me to keep them all trained and compliant. For my money SkyPrep is unbeatable.”

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Associate Director, Hilbers Inc

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Choosing the Right Training Software is a Big Deal.

benefits of choosing the right LMS

Too many organizations waste precious resources on ineffective training, spending little time thinking about the effect untrained employees have on their business. The cost is massive. In fact, 40% of employees state the reason for leaving their company in the first year is due to a lack of proper training.

In corporate training, your delivery is as important as your content. If your LMS doesn’t perform, your message is lost and your training inefficient. You’ve worked hard to create your content. Why leave everything up to chance?

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