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The Leadership

We love helping companies improve their training. Every member of the SkyPrep team is dedicated to making your training as easy and intuitive as possible.

Babak Barkhodaee

Chief Executive Officer

Overseeing all the day-to-day operations, he makes sure that everything is running smoothly, that clients are getting everything that they paid for, and that the business grows.

Arash Barkhodaee

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Arash ensures the technology we use at SkyPrep meets the needs of our customers. Passionate about finding the best solutions to the technical challenges of running a SaaS-hosted platform, he makes sure our technological infrastructure is in the best possible shape. He also approves the introduction of new technologies within our tech-stack.

Sepand Barkhodaee

Chief Product Officer

Sepand oversees the design and development of the SkyPrep product and is ultimately responsible for improving our end-to-end user and customer experience. He is continously improving SkyPrep by listening to our customers, collecting feedback, designing solutions, and ensuring that SkyPrep is always improving. He is ultimately responsible for laying out the product roadmap and ensuring it is executed.

Kia Kiazand

Director of Business Development & Operations

Kia leads the sales and operations teams for SkyPrep. His team ensures that all inbound traffic is appropriately handled and analyzes the business growth indicators to ensure that targets are being met. Playing a key role in ensuring that SkyPrep is successful, the majority of business operations and sales initiatives are overseen by him.

Stephen Chang

Head Application Developer

Steve is the one who turns our product roadmap into reality. He heads the development team that implements customer-facing changes to SkyPrep, and ensures that the transformation from concept to live code is executed to perfection. He works closely with our design team, CPO and CTO to make sure our application is always delivering the expected results.

Sara Rehman

Business Development Manager

Sara leads SkyPrep's business strategy and development team. She oversees a variety of projects to update business processes across the SkyPrep team while working with clients and external stakeholders to ensure that we're constantly improving the SkyPrep experience.

Stephen Krzeminski

Director of Communications

Stephen runs the communication team and ensures that all outgoing messaging accurately reflects SkyPrep's commitment to giving our clients the best LMS experience possible. Overseeing customer support and all external communications, it's his job to make sure that everything from technical support requests to whitepapers are written and handled correctly.

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