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Manage Users. Track Performance.

Add Users Individually or in Bulk

Our LMS allows you to add users individually or in bulk. Removing users is just as easy.

Group and Manager Users

You can manage, and organize your users in anyway you’d like by placing them into various groups. You can add individual users or entire groups to your courses. Managing users has never been so easy.

Track and Analyze

With our analytic and simple-to-use reporting tools, you’d be able to download reports and track user performance and grades at anytime. You can monitor individuals, groups and courses.


  • Easily add users
  • Track performance in real-time
  • Send automated emails
  • View detailed reports
  • Recognize your users with certificates

Instantly Launch Your Own LMS for Free

Our training software works on all computers and mobile devices.

  • Available on Desktop
  • Available on iOS
  • Available on Android