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Someone registered for my course, but they are not listed as a user in SkyPrep?

There could be a few scenarios to check for:

1. Check if the payment sent to your PayPal is an eCheck. An eCheck is a payment your client made directly from their bank via PayPal. This usually takes 3-5 business to clear with PayPal. Only when this payment will SkyPrep create and enroll the course in your course.

2. The User that bought your course, you had previously added them in the system as a “train” user (meaning you had manually created that user). Train users can purchase your courses, but they will show up under the list of users in your course in “train” mode.

3. The User is enrolled in SkyPrep and they have completed the course. When a User completes the course they will automatically be moved to the “Course History” tab. Even though their course has moved to the history tab, they still have access to the course until their membership expires.

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