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SSL Certificates

How do I use SkyPrep with my own domain?

To use SkyPrep securely with your own domain, you’ll need to purchase an SSL certificate for that sub-domain. This is to ensure that the connection between SkyPrep and any of your users remains encrypted at all times.

Some of the cheapest SSL certificates (that provide the same level of security as more expensive certificates) are listed below. We recommend purchasing the certificate for multiple years to allow a seamless experience, so you won’t have to renew your certificate every year. We’ll require the private key, the Certificate-Signing Request (CSR), the actual certificate, and any intermediate certificates in order to install the certificate properly.


Why do I have to buy an SSL certificate? Why can’t I just use SkyPrep’s SSL certificate?

With the way that SSL works, if you were to use the SkyPrep’s default SSL certificate, every time a learner visited your platform, they would get a warning/error about a certificate mismatch, or a something similar. There would be an X through the padlock, and the user would feel they are connecting to an insecure website. This is due to the way SSL works.

In our case, this is because the default SSL certificate we use is only valid, in the view of a web browser visiting our site, for a SkyPrep domain, and not your domain. The only way to get a certificate valid for your domain would be through the owner of your domain (i.e. you) to purchase one.  The owner of a domain must authorize and validate any certificates for it. This is built into the security model of SSL, so there is nothing we at SkyPrep can do to get around it. The owner of a domain must request a certificate from a certificate authority (e.g. some of the ones mentioned above), and provide SkyPrep with a certificate that matches their domain.

If this wasn’t the case, any one on the Internet could authorize getting an SSL certificate in your (or anyone else’s) domains name, which could lead to some very bad results. They would be able to impersonate your website, and your web browser would think they are connecting to you, when in fact, they are simply impersonating you. For example, an attacker could impersonate a banks website, and a visitor to the attackers website would think they are communicating with their real bank, when in fact, they are visiting an attackers website. Clearly, this is not good, as they could steal people’s banking passwords and personal information.

So, if you want to prevent getting the certificate mismatch error/warning that almost every browser will raise, you’ll need to purchase your own SSL certificate and provide it to SkyPrep.

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