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What are Badges and what do they do?

As you refer more people to SkyPrep, your total SkyPrep points (SP) increase. Once your life-time SP earnings reach certain milestones, we award you with a new a Badge that increases your multiplier.

From that point forward,  the SP earned for each new referral will be boosted by the badge multiplier.

Example: If you have attained the Hall-of-Fame Badge, and you refer a friend to the Business Plan, you would receive 1000 SP instead of 500 SP (500 SP x 2.0 Multiplier = 1000 SP).
Badges are:

Rookie – 1.0x Multiplier – Awarded at 5 SP

Pro –  1.1x Multiplier – Awarded at 900 SP

All-Star –  1.25x Multiplier – Awarded at 2000 SP

Superstar – 1.5x Multiplier – Awarded at 5000 SP

Hall-of-Fame – 2.0x Multiplier – Awarded at 10000 SP


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