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How does SkyPrep 3-step course creation work?

The heart of the SkyPrep app is at the Teaching section.


The Teaching section has 3 functionalities:

  • Create / Manage Courses
  • Create / Manage Teaching Material
  • Create / Manage your exams

A structured approach
The Teaching section is structured to allow you to create courses as easily as possible. You first start by uploading teaching content to the Material Manager. This content is stored, and is the pool of material you pick from when you create your courses.  Similarly,you can create and manage your tests in the Exam Manager, as they will be stored in the exam bank.

Once you have created your teaching material and exams, you can begin creating your courses.
At this stage creating a course becomes easy.

In the Course Manager, you can build your course  by selecting from the pool of available material and exams, and structure your course in the chronological teaching path that you wish.

Watch how it works:

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