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Training Your Staff

Web Based Training

Training Your Staff

Workplace training generally falls under two major categories:

  • Technical Knowledge
  • Job Procedures

SkyPrep’s online training platform can satisfy both needs.

Training an employee to gain some technical knowledge is fairly straight-forward assuming the employee is diligent and willing to learn.

Teaching an employee on-the-job procedures can be a little more tricky and will require some more patience on your part as an employer.

Technical Knowledge

Employee competence in the workplace is an obvious essential. After all, if your lead programmer doesn’t know how to use the latest programming language, your business is already behind the industry curb. But imparting technical knowledge in a classroom atmosphere can be tedious, inconvenient and expensive. Online training gives you the means to teach your employees all the skills they need to be successful, all using the convenience of the internet.

It’s also much more affordable and engaging for your learners. Often times, employees aren’t interested in attending training seminars to develop new skills or learn about corporate policies, so constantly setting up these programs can be ineffective whilst still being costly and time consuming. Creating engaging learning content with videos and powerpoint presentations allows employees to learn from the comfort of their computer, making it far less of a chore to do the work. And it’ll be at a fraction of the cost.

Job Procedures

When a new employee is hired, or an existing employee’s role is altered to replace a previous employee, it can take some time for the new guy to learn the intricacies of their job. Usually, the previous employee has either:

  •  Been assigned to a new position themselves and is focused on learning new job
  •  Left the company entirely


As such, many times there is nobody to take the newly positioned employee under their wing to learn the ins and outs of the job. You as an employer can ease fresh employees into new jobs by creating learning material that give your new workers an outline of what positions entail. Certainly you can expect them to periodically ask questions in person, but having documents online that they can reference at any time to help them understand the responsibilities of their job is useful, without making them feel uninformed.


Let SkyPrep take care of all your training needs.


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