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Elearning systems and LMS Solutions

Schools and Private Educators

Looking for any easy to use LMS tool to get your content to your students? SkyPrep is here for you. We have the simplest LMS software to get your teaching material and tests to your students. With our eLearning tools you can build your tests and courses within minutes of signing up.

Learn why SkyPrep LMS will take care of all of your teaching needs:



Our teaching LMS software creates a fun and engaging learning environment for students. Categorizing exams, creating learning paths, embedding customized videos and audio files features are some of the features our platform provides.


Your students can either attempt practice tests or marked tests. You can teach your students their mistakes with detailed solutions and explanations. Build tests using our easy test maker, and use them in as many courses as you wish.


Measure and analyze how your students are performing with our analytically tools and reports. You don’t have to waste countless hours marking exams again. Instead use your time, improving the learning experiences of your students. Let our LMS software do all the work for you!

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Our training software works on all computers and mobile devices.

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