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All-In-One Online Learning Platform

Looking for any easy to use LMS tool to get your content to your students? SkyPrep is here for you. We have the simplest eLearning software to get your teaching material and tests to your students. With our eLearning tools you can build your tests and courses within minutes. Just sign up for free to get started!

Intuitive Teaching

Our LMS software creates a fun and engaging learning environment for students. Categorizing exams, creating learning paths, embedding customized videos and audio file features are just some of the features our platform provide.

Easy Test Maker

Your students can either attempt practice tests or marked tests. You can show your students their mistakes with detailed solutions and explanations. Build tests using our easy test maker, and use them in as many courses as you want.

Simple-to-Use Reporting

Measure and analyze how your students are performing with our analytical tools and reports. You don’t have to waste countless hours marking exams. Instead, use your time improving the learning experience for your students. Let our eLearning software do all the work for you!

E-Learning That Works

Institutions looking for a learning management system (LMS) that has all the tools necessary to easily manage classes, teachers and students can try the SkyPrep learning platform. Our eLearning software will take care of all your teaching needs, be it a school, university, college or otherwise. Advise your teachers to integrate SkyPrep into their various courses and they will surely take teaching to the next level. The level of education your institution provides for its students will be that much greater. Using our platform to complement teachings will give you the means to monitor the performance of your students and your teachers.

Create and Manage Courses

Build a repository of knowledge, created by you or your teachers, to pick-and-choose from to make entire courses. Examine the results of students progressing through each course.

Track Students and Teachers

See which students are understanding the learning material via online testing and reporting. Review the content your instructors are assigning their students to ensure the quality of their teaching.

Affordable Solution

Scale the size of your platform to the number of students you have. Let SkyPrep grow together with your institution.

Augmented Teaching

As a teacher, it can be difficult to know whether or not your students are really absorbing the content you are trying to teach them. The only thing you can do is to put them in the best learning environment possible, and give them the greatest means of grasping the concepts you are explaining. SkyPrep’s online training software is a way to complement your in class teaching, and improve the overall learning experience for your students.

Notes and Assignments

Upload your lecture notes to SkyPrep for your students to see when they go home. Assign homework and assignment problems for your students to submit.


Create quizzes and exams online with time limits and passing grades for your students to complete outside of the classroom.


See how each of your students are faring with their assignments and tests. Find out who’s performing strongly, and who needs more of your assistance. Your students deserve the best. Use SkyPrep to give them the most complete learning experience possible.

Extend Your Reach

If you’re a tutor , you know how difficult it can be to coordinate a lesson with your students. Having teaching sessions in-person is restricting not only the number of students you can tutor per week, but also the geographical location of students for which you can tutor. Moreover, you almost spend more time worrying about marking than you do actually tutoring. Using SkyPrep as a teaching platform allows you to tutor more students, anywhere in the world, with the option of fully automated marking! Plus, it eliminates all of your travel costs, leading to a more profitable operation, without losing any of the quality of your tutoring services.

Increase Your Market

Tutor a greater number of students, regardless of where they’re from, with all of your content hosted in the cloud ready for use 24 hours a day.

Create Quality Lectures

Use all of SkyPrep’s tools to upload any of your teaching material and test your students, giving them a thorough learning experience.

Provide Assistance

View student progress with our reporting tools, then create a line of communication with any students requiring more time or assistance.

Spread the Knowledge

NPOs do all they can to broadcast their vision and extend a helping hand to those in their community. SkyPrep wants to help promote that vision. Our platform will give you the means to get knowledge out there to the public, using it to help teach, develop and promote skills. Whether you’re an independent organization or a government entity, SkyPrep can help you. Non-profit organizations provide a service that benefits us all. If you’re a NPO, contact us for special pricing as we’re interested in promoting your cause.


Broadcast your message, and educate the public. SkyPrep gives you the perfect platform to do so.

Help Your Community

Your community needs you. Use SkyPrep to spread knowledge and teach skills to those who need it.


We want to help and promote your cause. Work with us to get special pricing for your NPO platform.

Your Courses Your Way

If you’ve got courses you want to sell SkyPrep’s got a solution for you regardless of your set-up. Our eCommerce platform is commission based with an integrated payment system with your buyers. We only take a commission when you start selling courses to learners. On the other hand, if you want to sell courses but already have your own method of payment from your course buyers, our regular training platform would be ideal. Just pick the monthly plan you want depending on how many course buyers you have and get started selling your courses! As a course provider, use one of our two platforms depending on your situation:

eCommerce Platform

Sell courses online and collect payment from buyers using our integrated payment system. Our commission based structure means you only pay when you start selling!

Training Platform

If you’ve got your own means of collecting payment from your course buyers, select one of our monthly plans depending on how many students you have and avoid commission fees. Regardless of your set-up, get started selling courses right away using SkyPrep.

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