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Category: Friendly Working Environment

workplace collaboration
Roz, April 10, 2017

Sometimes a change of perspective is a breath of fresh air about an issue.   Take collaboration in the workplace.   It is often considered an employee issue, and the focus is on finding ways for workers to share and work better as teams.   In reality, it is a leadership issue.   Workers are

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collaborative work teams
Roz, January 30, 2017

Collaboration in the workplace has become a popular catch-phrase for many human resources departments, but what does it really mean?   What are the reasons our teams need to collaborate? How does it benefit our overall corporate and organizational operations?   Collaboration, in simple terms, means that people work well together. Instead of an us-versus-them

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flexible work arrangements
Roz, November 7, 2016

One of the most requested benefits by millennial workers is flexible working arrangements.   Unwilling to make their personal life mold around a set work schedule, the new worker demands work-life balance and that includes taking different days off, having a shift start an hour earlier or later to take the stress out of a

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humor in the workplace
Roz, October 31, 2016

A good laugh has been known to brighten a workplace day, but to what extent should a culture of humor be fostered?   To a large extent if your aim is to create a creative, innovative work team, you should use humor. Chris Robert, a University of Missouri scholar conducted research in the journal “Research

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Flexible work arrangement
Roz, October 24, 2016

With the influx of millennial employees into corporations around the world growing, the demands for more flexible work arrangements are escalating.   Up until now, companies have looked at flexible schedules, working from home situations, and working in non-business hours as a favor to workers.   In the future, however, trend-watchers say the pendulum will

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employee wellness
Roz, July 12, 2016

As more and more employers move away from absorbing the brunt of high deductible healthcare plans and shift costs towards employees, human resources professionals are increasingly challenged to respond at two levels.   First, they are called to make recommendations on how this can be done.   Secondly, they are tasked to find effective ways

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Employee engagement
Roz, July 5, 2016

Despite a full focused campaign to hike employee engagement in recent years, the final figures still show just over one third of American workers describe themselves as actively engaged in their world.   Human resources departments, who are largely charged with the elusive quest of improving engagement, have long realized that the occasional token staff

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effective communication
Roz, May 9, 2016

Just because you respond courteously to your emails and texts and say please and thank-you to your coworkers doesn’t mean you are communicating at work as effectively as you could.   Ask yourself when the last time was that you made an effort to engage someone from another department in conversation. When was the last

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modern workplace
Roz, March 28, 2016

Forbes magazine recently reported that by 2020, the average number of square feet of workspace provided by companies to each employee will be reduced to 150 from the current 400.   The downsizing of office space comes as corporations respond to trends that see more and more employees working remotely. The latest figures show that

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workplace diversity
Roz, February 16, 2016

All human resources departments sooner or later are charged with delivering diversity training to employees. In the past, it was something that was sandwiched in almost as an afterthought, after the really “serious” things like task-training, efficiency training, and leadership training were completed.   The changing complexity of today’s workforce has changed all that and

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