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Category: Benifits Of Online Learning

employee learning
Roz, March 13, 2017

While your company is mired in discussions about whether mobile learning, eLearning or classroom seminars works best to train employees, which one is less expensive to offer, and how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for employee development, most of your workers are circumventing you and going out and learning what they feel to know.

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learning in the workplace
Roz, February 27, 2017

Remember in school when some students excelled in classroom settings while others could only grasp concepts when they were in hands-on shop classes for field trips?   If you are not designing workplace learning options, recall those days and realize that cookie-cutter learning rarely works for everyone.   Science is now teaching us that every

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free online courses
Roz, January 17, 2017

No budget and no time to create eLearning opportunities for your employees doesn’t mean that you can’t foster a culture of learning and offer them some great options to improve their skills and knowledge.   Innovative human resources departments across the nation are finding ways to promote the option of offering interested employees little incentives

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adding excitement to online learning
Roz, September 26, 2016

Employees who learn together can bond in creative environments and the result is an increased level of innovation in your company.   Even though you may have transferred your learning options from traditional seminars with scheduled trainers to online programs, there are still ways you can build collaborations between online learners.   Here are 5

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virtual meetings
Roz, September 6, 2016

The days of team members and their managers trudging into boardrooms to hear the delivery of status reports and directives for the future are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.   More than half of the world’s workers can’t understand why corporations would waste time moving them physically into one room when the same

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Learning management system
Roz, August 24, 2016

SkyPrep is super excited to announce that we’ve been rated number 1 for the 2016 SaaS summer games learning management system.   In the summer games, top players in the world of cloud business software are pitted against each other to finish first. The purpose of the summer games is to find out which one is

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Roz, August 11, 2016

With the growing and changing workforce, remote work is slowly becoming the new trend. There is a lot of controversy debating the merits of remote work, and if it can actually benefit or hinder your organizations performance.   Having a distributed team can seem like a nightmare for a manger. Keeping on top of everything

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recruitment software
Roz, August 8, 2016

The travelling recruiter, roaming from University to University, from job fair to job fair, is rapidly becoming a creature of the past.   Today’s human resources departments are increasingly dependent on sophisticated recruiting software programs to bring them the best candidates for the jobs with a few keystrokes on a computer.   Here are some

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learning on the cloud
Roz, July 25, 2016

The cost-effectiveness and ease of delivery of cloud-based resources prompted many corporate trainers to promote learning on the cloud in the last few years.   But the honeymoon phase is over now in many companies and some harsh realities have emerged.   Learning on the cloud is not a panacea to the over-extended, under-budgeted human

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Roz, June 7, 2016

I talk a lot in my previous posts about the choice between buying and building an LMS, and this time I’d like to consider a slightly simpler but equally important decision- when should you consider switching your LMS versus sticking with what you already have?   To start with, there must be a reason to

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