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Application Programming Interface (API)

We have just rolled out the first version of our API. By utilizing the API, you can now fetch and push data to SkyPrep servers, as well as update existing data - all from within your current systems.

Use our API to seamlessly integrate your SkyPrep platform with your other systems.


The SkyPrep API allows external software to control the platform. Use this to read, write, and modify data about users, groups, courses, and much more. By linking your existing software with our platform, changes made on one can be reflected on the other, saving valuable time and effort.

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The API will allow developers to tailor applications to easily merge the platform with existing software such as Salesforce, CRM software, HR software, and websites.

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Retrieve automatic sign-in link (SSO)

After a user signs in to your own system, generate a link that can let them instantly access your SkyPrep platform without needing to sign in again. You can specify whether the link expires after a successful log in or if it will be valid for a full day (UTC timezone).

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The SkyPrep API is a simple-to-use HTTP API using GET/POST parameters, with data being returned in JSON. Developers using the API can use it with a range of programming languages, including .NET, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and others.

Check out the API technical documentation here!
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